Painfree analgesia with Analge-ject

Painfree analgesia

Painfree analgesia

Patients visiting our dental clinic don’t have to be afraid of the pains during their dental treatment, since we are using the best local anaestethics available currently on the market. Furthermore, thanks to our Ronvig Analge-ject machines even the analgesia itself is painless. Painfree analgesia is the secret which makes it possible to offer a gentle and confidence-building treatment. With these machines the administration of the anaestethic is microprocessor controlled and pre-programmed leading to a painless analgesia.

With us your treatment will be painfree from the start to the end! See it for yourself!

“Computer assisted injection has an incomparable ergonomic advantage over manual injection, as you do not need to bend your wrist and press the plunger simultaneously. Analge-ject gives me some extra benefits; among others the hand piece is sturdy and well balanced which makes it easy to control. Moreover Analge-ject is connected to my unit’s foot controller – that works perfectly well.” – dr Jan Thomsen

“ANALGEJECT is amazing! It has clear advantages over the device I used to work with. It allows me to carry out all types of local analgesia. I avoid waste of anesthetic solution and costs of disposable hose sets. I only need the standard needles and cartridges, I use for manual injections. Additionally, it is easy to operate and to clean.”  -dr Tina Løbner

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