My journey to Subotica, Serbia

After several years with tooth-problems, caused by a bicycling-accident, I decided to call my Dentist. You see, I`ll always been afraid of the dentist. That is why i waited in 7 years to go…. So after a quick call and an x-ray, he told me that my treatment would cost me 120.000 NOK. (14.000 € ) And that I would be finished in Oct – 2014!!

It takes your breath away, when you hear that!
When I came home, I just logged on to Facebook and the first thing I saw, was an add from Nordent / Dental Norway. I checked it out, and saw that they will arrive to Trondheim 2 weeks later.
It was the easiest call I have ever made…dentist,dentist,dentist,dentist.

2 weeks later I met Igor and beautiful Tina. After a quick consultation and a coffee, Igor gave me a overlook of what had to be done. It was so casual and relaxed. There was no pressure and just smiles.

My journey to Subotica

Few days later I called Tina, and she booked my airflighttickets and a hotelroom. I left to Serbia 3 days later. You see, things go fast when you deal with professionals.
I landed in Beograd Saturday evening, where they had booked me in to a sweet little hotel downtown Beograd. You see, I wanted to leave soon as possible, so I had near 24 hours alone in Beograd before they picked me up!

After a quick change in my room, I went down to the restaurant in the hotel lobby.
I had a starter and a sweet meal with beer and a coffee. It cost me 550 Dinar ( 4,76 €! ) Plus the service was brilliant! I“ve been working in Restaurant-management for 8 years, and I KNOW good service! My waiter had such class, you could just see how proud he was off his work. I miss that in Norway. Ouch, running of the track here…,dentist,dentist,dentist

Sunday morning I checked out, left my luggage and went for a walk! I have to admit,  i`m not the typical tourist that checks out city halls and old churches. I`m more like visiting nice restaurants, cool locations and I only take pictures of myself with a girl by my side or a beer, rather  than a church in the background. We all have different interests, right?

After a few miles walk in Beograd, I felt alone. In a city with over 2 million people, you expect to see someone, right? On Sunday morning there was none. It was so quite, so calm and nice. I went directly to Red Star Stadium, the home of Red Star Beograd or  Crvena Zvezda, the originally name.  A beautiful stadium,  with a capacity of 55.000. I love football! 

After walking around the stadium I went to a local coffee-shop. It was right outside the stadium, you see?

I was picked up by the Manager of Nordent, Igor Masic right after I had finished my lunch. A really cool guy! A down to earth person who will answer everything you need to know. The trip from Beograd to Subotica takes around 1,5 hours. There are very nice roads down there, so it’s a comfortable ride J You know, the time runs fast when you have fun!

Arriving at Subotica was beautiful. A small charming town, with old historical buildings, and a wonderful atmosphere.
I`ll checked in on Hotel Gloria Lux. It`s 15 metres from the main entrance to Nordent Clinic.

After the check-in, we went over to the Clinic for a ground tour. A beautiful office! I received my dental appointmentplan and I was free to do whatever I wanted!

As told, im not that kind of I tourist that takes pictures of buildings and parks, but this photo I just had to post:

This is Downtown Subotica, and you can`t get lost! Every store that you need to visit, is right there. Shoes ( I`ll never see so many shoe-stores ever! ), clothing, glasses, grocery store, tobacco and liquor. Just across the street from Hotel Gloria,  lie the Restaurant/ Bar “The Code” It’s a cool and a smooth place to take a beer or a nice glass of wine. Fantastic service!  Also enjoy a great sigar and a brandy. An imported beer, a sigar and a Brandy costs around 5 €! The food menu is simple, but good. I had a lot of lunches there! Try the chicken sandwich! Its delicious!

I can also recommend the Restaurant Boss Caffe. Its around 250 metres from Hotel Gloria.  A more exclusive place with good food and good service! I was here my last day, after my dental treatment, to celebrate with a nice steak! The prices is hilarious! It`s actually the same price for a Big Mac menu on McDonalds, as for the largest steak! J So you get a lot for your money, when your down here. Just sayin: spend money!

Hotel Gloria also have a restaurant by the Lobby. But I preferred to go out, when you have other good opportunities :-)

To all of my fellow brothers: If you enjoy gambling as roulette and slotsmachines, there are many small casino`s here. And the drinks are free! As long as you gamble in there, you can drink all you want.
I`ll tried it a few times and enjoyed it!

My Treatment at Nordent 

Monday-morning i started my dental treatment at the clinic. I was met by a beautiful smile from the girl in the reception who gave me all the information I needed. I was introduced to my Dentist, Dr.Bela Vecsei. A really nice person! He understood English really well so the communication was smooth! And of course Ljubica Salai! Or “mum” if you like. A great person to have around you if the questions get to specific or difficult. And I had a LOT of questions about everything! She saw I was nervous, she gave me a hug, she comforted me and she made me smile. I`ll guess everybody needs a mother wherever you are travelling? :-)

After an X-ray we went through every tooth in my mouth and we calculated how many days we needed to get my JORDANSMILE journey to Subotica

This is the result of my dental treatment in Nordent! :-) Closer to Hollywood you never get! I haven`t smiled like this in over 7 years! And for the first time, I actually felt really good about it! :-)
A smile is about personality and charisma. It`s shows who you really are. I`m not saying I didn’t have any pain while I was sitting in the chair. But I do say this; You can deal with a LITTLE kind of pain, when you see the result is almost PERFECT.

I would like to thank everybody at Nordent for a wonderful job they did on my teeth! I love it!

If you have any questions, just be free to ask me :-)

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