Dental implants

Patients with total or partial loss of teeth are routinely treated with dental implants nowadays. There is a long list of implant producers who are present on the European market. Most of these implants are in conformity with regulations considering their materials and production technology. Still, there are significant differences between different implants and these differences reflect on their pricing as well.

Our dental clinic decided to work with two well known implant producers which have years of experience and research behind them. These two are Nobel Biocare dental implants and Alpha-Bio Tec dental implants.

dental implants serbiaDental implants produced by Nobel Biocare ( ) are present on the market for many years now and are among the best quality implants available in Europe. This status of a top quality dental implant was earned by years of investment into production technology and research and development. A significant number of Universities and experienced implant users have confirmed the quality of Nobel in many independent researches. What makes this dental implant better than others is the final, finishing works done on the surface during the production. This surface comes into direct contact with the patients bone and has a very important role in the process of bone forming around the implant and the integration of the implant into the bone itself. Most implants nowadays are made of titanium. This material has proven to be one of the most optimal from the aspect of osseointegration, but this material by itself is not enough for success, and that’s where the earlier mentioned implant surface comes in, and it becomes crucial for the good final result. This is what you cannot find with many so called “cheap implant” systems.

Dental implants produced by Alpha-Bio Tec ( ) is in the same company group as Nobel Biocare for a few years now. This and many other aspects put it among the better implant systems in Europe. This is especially true when we analyze the cost / benefit ratio of this implant. This implant producer also has years of research in their product, confirming its success, and also combining it with a relatively lower price compared to the competition. Good and lasting prosthetic works can be done on these implants as well. There are several types of Alpha-Bio implants suitable for different types of bone structure. In our experience these implants have proven well as an alternative for those patient, who are looking for a cheaper implant, compared to Nobel Biocare.

With all this said, we still must highlight that the selection of implants to be used on a patient largely depends on the quality and structure of the patient’s bone, and is not decided by the patient’s wishes and wallet only. In some specific situations some implant can have better indications than the other regardless of its price level. In our dental clinic patients can be sure that they will get the best offer suitable for them by keeping in mind both their health and financial aspects. This means that there are no “cheap implants” in our clinic, because those solutions may seem as cheap in the start, but in time they can lead to complications which will require further time and financial investments into the treatment of the patient.

Dental implantations are among the most successful use of foreign objects in the human body for medical purposes, but only if some guidelines are followed. These guidelines include a good quality implant, a suitable surgical procedure, an experienced and educated surgeon, who can solve any complications which may arise, and last, but not least an experienced dentist specialized on prosthetics, who will know what kind of crowns or denture will be best for the given patient taking into consideration both functionality and aesthetics.