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Through long years of education and practice, both in our home country and abroad, we have sought continuous improvement in order to provide better services. Thanks to permanent technical innovations, applying the benefits of modern technology, we are able to provide You our services within the framework of global standards. Besides the professionalism and maximum care for the health and beauty of the teeth, we are trying to establish a special relationship of mutual trust with each patient, and thus to make their arrival into the office pleasant and relaxed.
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Dr Tibor Sakal
Dr Tibor Sakal

He became a dentist in 2006 at the Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad.

He has been working as a general dentist for four years, followed by a focus on dental prosthetics, especially works on dental implants. He is continually educating himself on a number of courses organized by renowned researchers and producers of dental materials and equipment.

He speaks Hungarian, Serbian, English, German and Norwegian language.

Dr Milena Stanković
Dr Milena Stanković Abadžić

She graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade in 1997., and specialized in orthodontics in 2004.

She has 20 years of experience in both general dentistry and in the field of orthodontics.

Participant and speaker at numerous symposiums.

She speaks Serbian, English and Hungarian language.


Dr Stela Hinić

Graduated from the Faculy of Denstistry in Novi Sad in 2013

She has several years of expeience with general dentistry, esthetic and recontructing treatments, and also with endodontics and conservative treatments, removable prosthetics.

She is a regular participant on national and international dental congresses

Speaks well Serbian, English and has a basic knowledge of communication in Hungarian

Dr Nemanja Zeković

Graduated from the Faculy of Denstistry in Pancevo in 2011

He is working as a general dentist in our clinic. He is contantly improving himself by continual education and seminars.

He speaks Serbian and English and has a basic level of knowledge in Hungarian and German.

Dr Kinga Tintor

Graduated from the dentistry department of the Medical Faculty of Novi Sad in 2008.

Since her graduation she has been working in the area of conservative and esthetic dentistry. Also a lot of endodontics and fixed and removable prosthetics work is done by her. Dental care for children coming to our dental office is often provided by her.

Dr Stefan Milanović
Dr Diana Kasumović
Dr Nemanja Nićiforović

Our team of assistants contribute to the top quality of our services


The management of Dental Center NorDent

Ljubica Salai
Janoš Salai
Arpad Vida
Sandra Jakovčević
Dario Mijanović