You should visit Subotica according to The New York

Dear visitors!

We are proud to announce that The New York Times has placed Subotica on the 42nd place of Places to go to in 2014 ( )! Many of you already know why, but those of you who don’t, could come and see for yourselves this year!

While visiting our beautiful city, you could also, among other things, fix your teeth as well for a sensible price at a top quality dental office like ours.

Hope to see you this year! Visit Subotica.

Serbian wine? Time to take a sip.

The Balkan Peninsula has a wine culture that dates back hundreds of years, but war and political unrest over the last century decimated Serbian vineyards. As recently as a decade ago, Serbia produced virtually no wine that met international standards. But progress has been swift. Recently, small producers have revived the Subotica-Horgos wine region near the northern border with Hungary. Here, the Palic Wine Route has been attracting domestic wine tourists who spend days sampling local cabernet sauvignon in wine cellars, sipping dry Trijumf white during dinner at Bosscaffe and unwinding in theHotel Galleria‘s high-tech spa.— INGRID K. WILLIAMS

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